Welcome to EtonHouse Kazakhstan International School and thank you for considering us as the education providers for your child.

EtonHouse Kazakhstan International School recognises that every child can be a brilliant student.

EtonHouse Kazakhstan International School endeavours to instil integrity into every action and decision.

EtonHouse Kazakhstan International School maintains a strong interest in current best practice.

At EtonHouse we aim to offer a school environment in which your child is nurtured, content and enthusiastic about learning.

We care about each child’s potential and we ensure that every child is given the opportunity to learn. To enable provision of a high quality educational environment for your child, we have high expectations regarding school regulations and all community members’ behaviour. This is to ensure that EtonHouse will always demonstrate excellent educational practice and give all students every possible opportunity for learning.

The curriculum has been developed specifically for Kazakhstan, using globally accepted learning requirements and expectations infused with elements of the local Kazakh curricula. It is designed to be flexible according to the needs of every student cohort, and the proportions of inquiry based learning and explicit instruction will vary accordingly. For this reason we also keep class sizes to a maximum of 16. The aim is for each student to be capable of investigating and learning, for both achievement and for pleasure, throughout their lives. The curriculum is used across the school and is offered in three languages – English, Russian & Kazakh.



This page was last edited on August 8, 2018