Curriculum Overview


EtonHouse Kazakhstan International School offers instruction in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. All three streams use the following curriculum, with appropriate variations as needed such as in the language and literature requirements. The curriculum also has room for adaptations where practical – for example, should the situation arise in which a class has only international students, then some of the Kazakh specific content can be replaced by more relevant areas of study.

The documents are compliant with the laws in Kazakhstan, and are designed to be modified according to the student body and international best practice while remaining within the bounds of the country’s laws.

EtonHouse Kazakhstan International School offers its students an excellent academic program in which students are encouraged to learn about the world and its peoples with tolerance and understanding while maintaining appreciation of themselves and their cultures. The purpose of this is twofold: to allow students smooth transitions between countries and educational establishments; and to allow students to develop an awareness of the world, and their part in it, from an early age.

Environmental awareness and the impact of mankind’s decisions on our planet is also very much embedded within all strands of the curriculum, and teachers will ensure that students are always mindful of human actions which may have a positive or detrimental effect on the Earth.

Pedagogically, while we recognise the many benefits of inquiry based learning, we believe it is first necessary for the students to establish a solid understanding of language to allow them the freedom to investigate, discuss and question in later years. The intent is to merge explicit instruction with investigative learning as each student becomes more adept in language skills. Due to the acquisition of a new language restricting (for some students) comprehensive study of scientific, geographical and historical concepts in the early years of schooling, the curriculum in later years will revisit some of the same topics with the expectation that the students will conduct their own in depth research into a relevant topic. It is expected that concepts will continue to be taught until they are learned, and because EtonHouse Kazakhstan staff individualise learning as much as possible, the curriculum is designed to be sufficiently flexible to allow for these alterations for each student.

EtonHouse Kazakhstan curriculum includes both knowledge (which in this context necessarily includes understanding) and skills (including the skill to apply knowledge in new situations) to be acquired.

This page was last edited on August 8, 2018