Our school uniform policy is as follows: While we may introduce a more formal uniform at a later date, we find that allowing children to wear their own choice of clothes complements the international ethos of the school. Children may wear any clothing they find comfortable as long as it does not interfere with their own learning, others’ learning or the integrity of the school environment. We ask that parents and students consider the following guidelines:

– Children should dress appropriately and/or bring additional clothing, considering that they may go outside during lessons or free time.

– Children must have one pair of footwear for indoor use and one pair of footwear for outdoor use.

– While our staff certainly strives to keep classrooms at a comfortable temperature, the preferred temperature of one person may differ significantly from another’s preferences. Therefore children are encouraged to come to school dressed in light layers or to bring a sweater with them in case they feel cold. (This applies not only to winter months but also to hotter months when air conditioners may be in operation.) Children who are hot or cold in the classroom are to communicate their needs to the staff member present if they are not able to manage the situation with their own clothing.

– In our school, many lessons, not only those involving sport, require students to move around and participate in a variety of activities. Some lessons will also encourage children to express themselves creatively and may involve getting messy. Children’s clothing should allow them to do so freely without feeling self-conscious or afraid of ruining their clothing.

– Appropriate clothing for full participation in sport activities should be sent with the child to school and taken home to be washed regularly.

– Children must comply with Kazakhstani legislation concerning religious dress in schools.

– Parents and students are encouraged to exercise discretion in avoiding clothing that is too revealing, too tight, too short or too low cut. For example, for boys and girls, leggings or tights are not to be worn without something over them.

Parents will be contacted if there is a concern about a student’s clothing that cannot be addressed with clothing available at school.

This page was last edited on August 8, 2018